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Xojo Post Build Script Example: Create .appx Package (e.g. for Windows Store) 1.0.0

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This example shows how a Post Build Script can be used in a Xojo project in order to create AppX Packages (e.g. for Windows Store).
It doesn't go through the Desktop App Converter - the .appx Packages are manually built auto-magically just by using Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).
You can customize the Assets's (Icons) and Tile-appearance (Background Color, Short Name) by setting a couple of Variables in the Batch Script.The example also shows how to use custom FileType associations.

Please refer to the ReadMe.txt (included in the Folder 'Appx')

1. Xojo on Windows 10 (obviously... you can't create and CodeSign .appx packages on macOS)
2. Windows Software Development Kit (SDK): https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=821375
    Select Features:
    [x] Windows App Certification Kit
    [x] Windows SDK Signing Tools for Desktop Apps

How to use with your xojo-built .app?
Please refer to the ReadMe.txt. In short:
1. Copy the Folder 'AppX' next to your project
2. Replace the Assets (Icons)
3. Modify the AppxManifest.xml according to your needs
4. Copy the PostBuild-Script 'CreateAppX' from this example project to your project
5. optionally: include your own CodeSigning certificates in AppX_CodeSignCertificates
6. AppX_BuildSettings.bat: Modify the settings according to your project

The PostBuild-Script runs the Build_AppX.bat, and passes the current Version to it.
You can also just double-click Build_AppX.bat yourself - but then you have to manually set the Version in AppX_BuildSettings.bat - but it could be a start for your own build pipeline...

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