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macOS: Toolbar style 0.1.1

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This example project shows how you can use the various macOS 11 Toolbar styles in your Xojo built application.
Starting with Xojo 2021r1 you only need the Declares to set or change the Toolbar style. Earlier Xojo Versions require additional post processing of the built application because this functionality is only available with the macOS 11 SDK.

How to use with your Xojo-built .app?
  1. Copy the Module 'modMacOSToolbar' from the example and paste it into your project.
    Read the Note 'HowTo' which is included in the Module.
  2. Study the example project to learn how to use the provided methods in the Module.
  3. Xojo Versions pre 2021r1: copy the Post Script Build 'ChangeSDKVersion' and paste it into your project.
    Note: This script requires Xcode to be installed.
    Caution: Changing the SDK Version leads to different runtime behavior. This is intended for the purpose of this Demo. However, this may lead to unexpected behavior in other situations since the Xojo Framework doesn't know of this modification and therefore doesn't support it officially.

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