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Xojo Post Build Script Example: CodeSign and DMG creation 0.9.4

This example shows how a Post Build Script can be used in a Xojo project in order to create a customized DiskImage and sign both .app and .dmg.
You can easily customize the DiskImage's appearance by setting a couple of Variables in the Post Build Script.And of course you can replace the BackgroundImages and VolumeIcons which you'll find in the folder: (XojoProject)/scripts/resources

1. Xojo on OS X (obviously... you can't CodeSign on Windows)
2. CodeSigning and CodeSigning-Validation requires Xcode to be installed
3. CodeSign of .dmg requires OS X 10.11.5 (or newer)
4. Validation of the .dmg's CodeSignature requires macOS 10.12.0 (or newer).

How to use with your xojo-built .app?
1. copy the folder 'scripts' to your project folder.
2. create a PostBuild Script and copy-and-paste the example (modify according to your needs).

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