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Xojo Applications Example: Create a Shortcut / Alias / Desktop Launch Icon (Windows, macOS, Linux) 0.1.0

This example Xojo project to shows how one can create a Shortcut (Windows), Alias (macOS), Desktop Launch Icon (Linux) in Xojo-built Applications.
You can use it to provide a link on the user's desktop to launch the application. Or of course you can create any other Alias/Shortcut with it.

1. Windows: Using OLEObject for 'Windows Script Host Shell Object'
2. macOS: Declares using NSURL's writeBookmarkData
3. Linux: Writes a 'Desktop Entry' file

How to use with your Xojo-built .app?
1. copy the Module 'modShortcut' to your project. Or just copy and paste the extends method 'CreateShortcut' to one of your global Modules
2. you can then use it on a FolderItem: anInstanceOfFolderItem.CreateShortcut(poShortcutInFolder As FolderItem, psShortcutCaption As String, poLinuxIconFile As FolderItem)

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